Sunday, July 7, 2013

Louisiana King Cat

The Lion may be the "King of the Jungle", but not in Louisiana......the TIGER is!!!

So how do you come up with an original purple and gold tiger shirt that doesn't infringe on any copy right rules for LSU??? You tread carefully!
  You really have to get creative to come up with a cool tiger shirt that wont get you a huge fine and that people would want to wear. I started out just researching what all was out there. I googled LSU, Tigers, Geauxtigers, etc. As you can imagine, there are ALOT of freaking tiger shirts out there. One thing I did already have was the perfect purple colored shirt picked out.

Its an American Apparel tri-blend that everyone loves. Top Quality and super soft. Next I got to sketching. It was important to make sure that the whole design was 100% hand drawn.  My first attempt was a tiger face on.
It was okay...nothing special. So then I decided to turn his head and do more of a profile view. It was a better drawing than the last. I looked into making the 2 tiger faces mirroring each other with the words "fighting tigers" around it.
This was a neat design, but not very original. Ugggg. This was getting frustrating!!!
  So, I tried to go back to square one. I thought about our state and all the history with it. This got me thinking about crests. Wouldn't it be neat to have a tiger in some type of crest/shield??
 I loved the idea of a crest with a crown involved, and wanted our King Cat is def have a crown on.
 I also wanted some type of wording but with a historical approach. I looked up the Latin word for "Tiger" and for "Victory" and added this into the drawing. 
   I sent the initial layout to my friend Melanie who pointed out that he looked a little cross eyed!!
Ha! Oops- so the pupils got tweaked a little. One on left was wrong-one on right has the "fixed pupils". Now, we had a very original purple and gold King Cat Shirt.
You'd think purple and crowns and a cat would make for a female only shirt, but I gotta tell ya, this is the shirt that my very masculine husband  wears the most!!
Brent is shown wearing a Large.
And now Model MaKenzie in the tee.
She is shown wearing an Adult Medium.

This design is available online at Youth sizes( $24)  in 2t, 4t and 6t and Adult sizes ($28) S-XL.
I also plan to print this design on these very cool off the shoulder Purple sweatshirts from Alternative Apparel for Fall. LOVE these!!!
Thanks for reading!!! Let us know if you have any suggestions, comments or wish your school had a Mr P designed tee.

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