Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Hunt for Big Chuck.....

There once was a very cool Mama and a very hip little girl. They loved to go on adventures together.

The mom was a free spirit and the little one was her mini me.

One weekend, they picked up two brothers along the way
and went hunting for Big Chuck.
 There were rumors that he was hiding in the woods in West Monroe, LA. Would they find him??

They searched high and low. One of the boys even found a foot print that they thought could of been Big Chucks...
Through this journey, a sweet little friendship unfolded.

She thinks she might like him.

Although Big Chuck wasn't found that day, it was a day they would never forget.

The End.

Big thank you to Models: Hannah and Cypress Hughes and Kohlson and Lyndon Bible
Photographer: Donielle Barnes Photography
Laminin Jewelry ( for all the jewelry used on Hannah and Cypress
And Special thanks to Daniel Caples for the use of his orange Jeep.

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