Monday, April 25, 2016

Fashion Fusion 2016

Wheewwwww- Another Fashion Fusion in the books!!! This years was BIGGER than ever since graduating to the Monroe Civic Center. Expectations were high and practice started over a month ago for all the boutiques. Here were some of our girls practicing in the Good Hope parking lot.
Cirque de Chic was this years theme (I kept picturing Pink!)
 and money for the event was still going to help the local Childrens Coalition.  Debbies School of Dance put on the production and I know Kesley Bourg Tanner worked her tail off to make all the segments special.
 This year, we knew we would be having both little kids, teens and adults in our segment. We asked our good friends Meredith Pilcher, Allison Ford and Ronnie Matz to model with Brent for the segment along with little kids Regan Pilcher and Paisley Tanner.
Paisley had on the new pink Whooping Crane tee and Regan wore the new evergreen Mermaid tee. 

Then, our young teens were the brother sister duo Julianna and Jordan (why can't I find any pics of these two??!?! so frustrating!!) and six Debbie Bourg dancers Lizzie, Laurell, Kaitlynn, Victoria, Rhonda, and Caroline.

  The show itself was great! Tables were decorated with cute pop corn centerpieces
and the stage had a huge industrial looking circus set up with a slide and swings.
Food was there from Tummy Yummy Creations, Newks, Catfish Charlies, Waterfront Grill, and Chef Pat Nolan. 

Three big screens allowed everyone to see closeup. We had invited all of our friends who have helped us this past year with volunteering at events and our employees, plus our models and their spouses and/or family members. Love all of you (Ashley, Sandy, Anne, Amy, Lisa, Julie, Kourtney, Beth, Kelly, Ryan, Katie, MaKenzie, Jordan, BreAnne, Haley, Staci, Meg, Eva and Monica) and so appreciate everything you do to help our "little t shirt company".

We love having them as our guests to say "Thanks"!!
  Our main song was  "Downtown" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. We made sure all of our models had on Converse shoes and the dancers had orange bandannas tied somewhere on their body like the Mr P's Gang (Thanks Jill Keifenheim for the idea!!).
  We were the opening store (Wow!) and I gotta say they did fantastic.
Allison reminded me of a bad a** Sharon Stone look alike from the movie Basic Instinct in her fitted Tiger dress and slicked back hair-super cool!

She owned the stage!!! Brent and Meredith came out with Paisley and Regan and did great.
Everyone kept commenting how they could tell Meredith was an "experienced" dancer!!
hahaha yeah!! Ronnie rocked the Cowboy Rex tee and his faux hawk.
Jordan came out dancing in his tiger shirt and Julianna looked so pretty in her Whooping Crane tee.
  Some of the Highlights of the show were seeing cousin Taylor Antley model for Eleven 26 Boutique, sweet Caroline Ernst rocking it for The Flirty Ginger on her birthday
(here she was pre show getting ready)
( and Lisa Perillo too!!), the pretty dresses on models for the Twisted Peacock
, my good friend Monica in some gothic makeup for Moody Blues (here she is pre show with Allison)

And then Monica walking the catwalk...

 Cutie Patootie had some adorable little girls with big "suckers".
Herringstones had those two gorgeous twins you also see modeling for them on Instagram in black and white and feathers.
    The hit of the night ( and I'm not just saying this because Brent was in it....) was Ron Alexanders section.

Those guys strutted it!!!

So impressed of them all but especially Brent, Ryan and Tommy Perkins and Tommy Block. Nothing like a man in a suit!!! Purrrrrr!!!!  All the women (and a few dudes!) were cat calling them. Ron Alexander had to of been pleased. The funniest though was that the guys had on eye liner...or should I say "Guy Liner". Brent sent this selfie to me before the show. I was cracking up!
I told Brent he reminded me of Johnny Depp in the Pirate Movie..hehehe
 I'm pretty sure he gave me the bird!!  When the night was over, Monica had to share some baby wipes with him to help get it off.
So funny!!
  Other highlights were seeing Sydney Fincher
and Brai Block
 model for Ksera's Kee Kee Tees, and seeing Kelly West model for The Toggery.
Duck and Dressing had a motorcycle in their segment along with local celebrity Sadie Robertson.
Sorry this pic is blurry!
The evening ended with Clint Downings recycled interpretation... Those fierce ladies rocked it with dresses made from straws, cups, etc.
Clint- you really do belong in New York.
 We finished out the night with a packed house enjoying the After Party at River and Rail. My head hit the pillow at 1am.
 I thought I was going to die. I am such an old women now!! hahahahah Little Regan was out too!!

  Big thank you to my sister Holly for keeping the kids!!!!

Thanks again for reading. Stay tuned for all about the cool tee we designed to help Med Camps of Louisiana.


P.S. We want to welcome aboard BreAnne Bearden. She is our newest employee and is a freshman at ULM majoring in psychology. She graduated from West Ouachita with honors. We love her and the two P's love her!! She is taking the place of Jordan who graduates this spring and got a job with Vantage. We are going to miss you !
BreAnne in the T Shirt Room

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