Monday, April 11, 2016

1st Annual Brand Rep Search Winners

 We were blown away by all of you that entered the Brand Rep Search!!!  There were 1,238 posts with the #MrPsRep2016 tag on them. Amazing to us!! This equaled out to 268 entries...
I had been trying to just look at them on Instagram and Brent suggested that we print every entry out...this was going to take awhile. And then thankfully, one of our employees Jordan came to the rescue. She spent quite a few hours putting everyone into a power point presentation.
These are just a few of them.....

It was so much easier to view this way.  I went through and pulled out all the ones I liked. Then, Brent went through all of those. We studied those pics and studied those pics.
Here was Brent pouring over them at El Sombrero

HAHAAH You would of thought we were picking Miss America!! LOL My mom even put her two cents in too.
HAAHA! Everyone was always eating while we were looking at these! 
  I guess when your name/brand is attached to someone, you just want to make sure you are picking the right people. We also realized that we would be doing the search again and it will be ongoing... so someone we really liked this time, but didn't get picked, may get picked in the future.
 We had the hardest time ....I mean, the H-A-R-D-E-S-T time picking!!! You guys are beautiful and your babies are beautiful!! We stressed and stressed and stressed over this....One thing we realized is that we kept seeing youth, teens and adults that we want to model for us in future photo shoots too. Our plan is to keep a dozen of ya'll on file to call up for a shoots if interested.

ok....  so here is the Brand Reps for the next 6 months...

First up is.....Cypress!

 Cypress she is 14 months old and such a stylish little cutie. Loved this recent photo of she and her mom in our Flood Relief tees

 Next is.....Hannah. She is 16 years and a natural beauty.

She is home schooled, leads worship and plays the guitar. She also has a cool instragram page called Lovinng_Food where she posts amazing pics of food! YUM

And then Brooke- Who is 22 years old and from Bryant, Arkansas.

So cute with the Zebra!!
Brooke went to Tech for her undergrad and is in her first year of graduate school in Speech Pathology. 

BIG THANK YOU to everyone who entered. We look forward to working with you three and more of you on future photo shoots.

Thanks again-

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