Sunday, May 22, 2016

S'More Fun Photo Shoot

There once were some friends who got together to hang out and celebrate the end of the school year.  The camp fire was lit,
the skies were overcast and one friend brought her guitar to share a silly song she had written.

Marshmallows were passed and s'mores were made.
Even Nim the dog was hanging out with everyone.
The three girls were talking  and giggling about the boys and knew this would be a wonderful summer.

Then, Raindrops began to fall and the girls took cover under the front porch.

Who was she watching out there in the rain? Which one?
Love was in the air... and a little crush had developed....

HAHA! That was fun, but not the reality! 
We had a little photo shoot last week and the stars (or the raindrops!!) all aligned for some pretty amazing photos. The truth was, none of these teens had ever met before until that very evening. I was a little nervous the whole thing was going to be awkward...but thankfully, they all actually became friends by the end of the shoot.
Meet the gorgeous Cassidy...
She goes to Ouachita High School and is on the dance team. She started out wearing our new Military Green Tank with some fab Laminin jewelry.  What is Laminin?
It is the jewelry line by Missy Robertson that provides jobs and hope for women when they need it most. The line is inspired by a love for the outdoors and with southern felinity. A perfect combo with our tees :)

Next up is Hannah..
She is a natural beauty who is actually one of our Brand Reps. She is home schooled and plays the guitar & sings beautifully. She had on our new charcoal Eagle flag tank layered with a button up courtesy of Rodeo Boutique.
Next is Hunter...

He is a recent grad from West Ouachita High and is starting La Tech this Fall. He just made cheerleader at Tech (and had never cheered in his life!!). He had on the charcoal Eagle pride tee with a red button up.

Next is Virginia..

She goes to Saline High School and reminds me of a pretty little Dixie Chic. She competes in some pageants and won the award for Driving the Farthest to attend the shoot. She had on the Camo Eagle Flag tee, a Rodeo Boutique button up and lats of layered Laminin jewelry. 

Last but not least is Ethan.

He attends Cedar Creek School in Ruston and is a life guard at Squire Creek. He plays football and is wearing the military green Eagle Pride tee and khakis.

When they first arrived, everyone was kind of standing around a little nervous. Heather the photographer was prepping the site
 and then one of her daughters comes walking up with a duck under her arm!! Ice broken!!
 So funny!  They teens really did make S'mores and ate quite a few!

And even Nim the dog ran off with a mouthful of Graham crackers..
Heather started snapping photos of the group
And Hannah got out her guitar and sang the funniest parody to "Call me Baby" about eating candy called "Go Buy me Candy"
Nervousness all gone!! Then my friend Brandy showed up with the goods!! Laminin by Missy Robertson.

They truly made the outfits!! 

Rain drops started slowly coming down and we took the three girls inside for a wardrobe change.
The lights on the porch seemed to twinkle as the rain came drizzling down. 
While inside Heather and Brandon's home, I noticed some song lyrics of a Mumford & Sons song that one of her daughters had written on a chalk board.
"We will run and scream-We'll fulfill our dreams and 
We'll be free. 
We will be who we are -And they'll heal our scars
Sadness will be far away"
Awe----it made me stop in my tracks and think.

My good friend Katie Bonnette has Rodeo Boutique in Ruston, LA. She had literally delivered some special pieces to compliment our tees for the girls to our house the day before. Did I mention she is about to have a baby in less than 20 days??!?  Thank you Katie!
Hannah now had on our Camo Eagle Flag tank layered with a neutral Free People vest, Laminin jewelry and skinny jeans. We should just call this look Canoe Cool!! 
Then Cassidy had on a super cute one piece denim romper that we left unbuttoned to show the charcoal Eagle Flag tank. A black belt was added and more special Laminin pieces. This would be perfect at Bayou Country Super fest next week.
And adorable Virginia had on our Charcoal Eagle Tee knotted on the side with a flirty blue skirt and rubber boots. Loved the whole look and feel of the whole shoot. Thanks to everyone who made this evening so special!!! 
Give me Serious!! hahaah and now, Just be Yourself!!

Do you want one of these tees or tanks???- We have them ready to ship online at or pick one up at the following retailers: Rodeo in Ruston, LA, Herringstones in Monroe, LA, Ksera Boutique in West Monroe, LA
and the two Simply Chic Boutiques in Bossier City and Shreveport, LA. We also have a matching youth version available in 2t,4t,6t, and youth 8. So cute below on little Cypress :)

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