Thursday, March 10, 2016

Graffiti Art Photo Shoot

I love Graffiti!! And maybe that is because I am an art teacher, but I have always thought it was cool. I taught a group of my students from OJH about the famous graffiti artist named "Banksy". This is an example of one of Banky's pieces.
We made our own stencils and everything. Fun fun fun...So, When I was looking over our new designs for Spring, it hit me that I really wanted to showcase some of these tees (esp on the kids!) with a hip hop street vibe. Reminded me of that "Downtown" song by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis video....Have you guys seen this?
  I was a women on a mission. Like a lot of you, my time is LIMITED so... what is the fastest way to find graffiti in town???? Yep- you just post on Facebook that you are hunting for some.
The comments came flooding in and I really appreciated it. I spent a couple of hours one afternoon after school driving around town looking at the places mentioned.

Brent was a little nervous for me at times and I kept him on the phone when in some not so safe areas of town. I found a decent spot over near Forsythe Park that we didn't end up using, but I liked. I really wanted to go see "THE MAZE"... I had always heard about this place-esp in high school, but was never brave enough to go there. There were always crazy stories about Devil worshippers there. HA! Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it is my understanding that it is some type of water relief valve for all of Monroe that empties out into the Ouachita River.  I knew it was somewhere behind Genusas.... after walking over the levee,
I immediately saw it. J-A-C-K-P-O-T!!!
 Lots of colorful art all over the place. Some of it was bad, but most of it wasn't. Thankful that the little models we had coming didn't know how to read yet!  "Bye Felicia" funny!
  *** Let me stop and make sure you guys know that NO ONE got down inside the maze for photos. We stayed on top at all times and also had some security there too for extra safety. I wouldn't advise EVER getting down inside that place. Water starts shooting out all of a sudden and can rise up so quickly, that you could get stuck and drown. ****

  Okay, with that warning out of the way, back to the photo shoot. I had sent my Mom on a mission to find me lots of side walk chalk. Found at Hobby Lobby! Thanks Mom.
  We had our 4 little precious models lined up...first up was the brother and sister duo Cole and Claire Cunningham. Their mama Brittney loves our clothes and has posted lots of cute pics of these two in them. Here is one I saw of them during Mardi Gras time.
Claire is almost 5 and could be a freakin' hair model.  Gorgeous! No amount of extensions or horse shampoo (HA!) could ever make my hair look as good as hers. Claire was a pro at modeling and did everything we asked her to do. Impressed!!!

She had on our new little hot pink v neck featuring the Dogwood flower.
 Cole is 18 months and is a mover!! He was a little nervous at first during the shoot but once he got a piece of chalk in his hand, he was all smiles.
He had on our new Cowboy Rex tee.

  Next was Paisley- She is almost 3 and her mom is the famous Kelsey Bourg Tanner who teaches at Debbies School of Dance. Both mother and daughter have walked the runway for us in the past for Fashion Fusion.  Paisley is a little blonde beauty who oozes confidence and personality! I loved how comfortable she was in front of the camera. She had on her little ripped jeans and converse with her Tiger tee and just looked the part of the coolest little 3 year old ever.
Here is a close up of her tee...

 Last, but not least was Regan Pilcher who is 2.  He and his pretty mama Meredith have modeled for us before. I don't think I have ever seen him get upset.
He has the best little attitude and the great hair too!! Meredith teaches dance at Linda Lavendar and is Claire's teacher. So, everyone had a connection. He was wearing our new Cluck Taylor tee.

 Our photographer for the event was Donielle Barnes.
She has photographed for us before and is always so laid back and easy to work with. I was so thankful to catch her on a weekend trip to Monroe and use her again. She is Regans' aunt~ so he is always happy to see her!!
  We got some cute photos of the kids behind a green building

It def takes a village to get all the little people in the right position!! :)
and the Voila.....

And also in front of a yellow dumpster.
Loved the contrast with Coles Dinosaur shirt. There was also some old roll up door that had neat texture that we got the kids in front of.

The best part of the shoot was seeing the kids with the chalk making their own art.

Check out this really great one of Paisley!!

They all really relaxed during this part. After everyone was covered in chalk dust :), I handed out our new military green Eagle Pride tees for the kids to all put on.
Loved seeing them all match! The shirt looked great on both boys and girls.
The grass was tall on the levee and Donielle got some amazing pics of them all nestled in it and then standing on the path.
And here was one of the ones that Donielle got...

It was a perfect afternoon next to the river.
Not too hot or too cold. Thankful for these sweet mamas who took the time to let us photograph their kiddos.
  These new tees (plus a bunch more in adult too) will be available next week at the Monroe , LA Junior League Spring Market at the Monroe Civic Center. Starts Friday March 18th-20th.  We will have two booths!!

Thanks for reading :)


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