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So, why are we designing greek tees? This has been a discussion since our last Trunk Show at Rodeo last Fall. We kept having girls tell us how bad they wanted a Mr P's version of their sorority tees. I think they were tired of the same thing. So, fast forward 9 months later... We worked all summer long and early fall getting designs together and getting our licenses. Never dreamed it would be such a process! Lots of research went into designing these tees.  From understanding the different symbols, to talking to girls in different sororities to find out their likes and dislikes....then, getting approval from nationals on the designs.
Our plan was to create a design for each of the sororities at ULM and at Louisiana Tech, and then expand if the demand was there. Since we are known for our designs being hand drawn original creations, I wanted to do something more than just their Greek Letters. Anyone can do that!! :). So, here goes.....
Introducing the Sigma Kappa Heart Baseball Tee....
Ravishing(!) Eva Edinger, who is also Miss Tech, is shown here in front of her lodge at La Tech. My friend Allison Ford (who was a Sigma at Tech) always reminds me that "One Heart, One Way" :)
These photographs were taken by the talented Breanne Adele Mertz (check her out on Instagram under @breanneadelephotography)

Britney Bass~ I hope you are loving all this purple!!!!!

Next up...The Alpha Chi Omega Lyre Tee....

Pretty Kerrigan was beside the front door at the Alpha Chi Lodge. Love the red sleeves with her red lips. Did I mention that all the girls makeup was done by Kasie Nelson with  Kerrigan is competing in the next Miss Tech pageant...GOOD LUCK!!

I was an Alpha Chi at Tech. Some of the best years of my life!!! Here is flash back to 1999...Adored all of these girls so much. It amazes me that was 16 years ago

And now we have the Phi Mu Lion Tee....
Beautiful Margaret was by the cute Phi Mu Letters. Love how they did the glitter on them.
I gotta tell ya'll, our #1 employee Jordan is president of Phi Mu at ULM. So, you know she had a HUGE part in this design. She was actually the one who said to make the lion in two shades of pink. So glad I listened to her!! The first design we came up with had him with a gray mane and Jordan laughed and told me he looked "Dusty"!! I agreed~hahaah
 My sister Deana was a Phi Mu at Millsaps in Jackson, Mississippi. She loved it!!

And now we have our Kappa Delta White Rose Tee...

Gorgeous Emily in front of the KD lodge on the sidewalk.

Super Cute with her dark jeans and chucks.

And this week, we just got in the

Alpha Omicron Pi Panda Tee...

Love the Panda!!!

I can't wait to get some pics of an AOPi in it. 
We have these tees available online at or at Rodeo Boutique in Ruston, LA
or at Ksera in West Monroe, LA.

I just got the word this week that we got licenses accepted for Chi Omega and Tri Delta.  I have been working on sketches for those two sororities. 
An Owl for Chi O! 
Are you wishing we were designing your sorority a tee?? Let us know!! We appreciate all feedback and ideas. I have quite a few girls ask us down in Lafayette about a design for Alpha Delta, I am in the process of applying for a license for them too. 

On a side note, back in April, I was called and asked by Erica Moser Ryan to create a design for her sorority sister Georgia Boswell. Georgia and Erica were both KD's with my best friend Rachel and roommate Kelly (and a ton of other KD's who I adore~ Kristen, Jennifer, Meg, Meredith, Sarah, Julie, Carey, Missy, Kelsey, Marie, Beka, Rebecca, Lindsey, Lauren and on and on). Georgia had sadly lost her son Drew when he was young and had created an amazing non profit called Drew's Tunes. Drew's Tunes mission is to provide musical instruments to children and support Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood research. I did a lot of texting back and forth with Katie Flurry about the design, and came us with this....The four stars represent Georgia and her family.
You guys ought to know by now that I love drawing alligators!! We donated this drawing to Drew's Tunes and they came up with the cutest layout for it. 
"When Words Fail, Music Speaks"
 I remember Corre Stegall always talking to us about the "Tech Family" and I truly buy into this. I have experienced it and am so thankful for the friends I made during my college days there. No, I wasn't a KD, but I am a mother of young children and a Bulldawg and I'm happy to help support this great organization that gives back to young people. To order one, go to

Thanks for reading!!! 

P.S Rebel Runway Blog really is coming up NEXT!! 

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