Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Market Sneak Peak....

It's almost here---The Big Junior League Spring Market. We love to use this event to introduce all of our new Spring and early summer designs. We splurged this year and bought two booths-same spot as the last two years, but more room!! YAY!!
  We have been setting up for the past two days and working real hard.
Here we are all loaded up like Sanford and Son!
During Set up!

We have 12 new designs this year
with everything from an Excavator
to a Sea Turtle
to a Monarch Butterfly
...speaking of Butterflies, I think this is our season of the butterfly. I have been obsessed with them lately. Even my Talented Art Students that I teach have been drawing butterflies.
I had a fun time making our displays this years focusing on spanish moss from our local bayous
and monarch butterflies from our local Amazon!! HA
  Here are a few pics of some of our new items.  Happy Turkey Hunting Season!!

This new design is a fun March Kelly Green Color. Super Soft! S-XXL
Our Cute new youth Sea Turtle- the youth version is sporting the do-rag and sunglasses. The adult version does not.
Here is our pretty striped Magnolia tank. Cant wait to see it with white pants!!
And here is it on an indigo colored navy tee 

Phoebe in the new youth hot pink Butterfly tee.
Mr P in the new youth War Buffalo tee.
Mr P and Daddy in their Pilot for Patient tees. We were hit very hard online with orders for these. We will be stocked back up with them by 6pm Friday evening. 
Here is our youth oak tree design on a vintage red tee for youth. Love this one!
Here is our new Magnolia tank for little girls. The tank is a purple tri-blend and goes from 2t-youth 12.
Moooooo!!! Here is our new Jack the Cow design. We printed it on a very very weathered faded green tee. It looks like your old favorite tee that you can't bear to throw away.
And here is the new ringer tee featuring our Oak Tree design. Love the black band on it.
And here is the deer tank shown with a cardigan and earrings.

Here is our Oak Tree featured in black on a brown trebled tee. Great Smile Hubs!!

And here is a neat arrow head design inspired from actual arrowheads from Poverty Point in Delhi, LA. We have this one in adult and youth.  And we also have it in a light weight long sleeve-perfect for those chilly mornings and evenings

Here are a few sneak peaks of our booth..

Check out the moss butterfly skirt---So excited how it turned out!!

Baby Onesies!!
One of our new cool canvas bags featuring our buffalo design.
Here are all three of the bag designs. Fully lined :)

Brent working hard!

Hope to see you guys tomorrow morning bright and early!! I think the early shopping starts at 8:30am for the people who bought passes for the special breakfast. Shopping is open to the public around 11am. We will be at the Monroe Civic Center all weekend long. The big Girls Night Out Event is tomorrow night from 6-10PM. Then Sat's hours are from 9-5 and Sunday from 12-5.

If you can't make this event, our new designs will be available online at after this weekend and locally at Ksera Boutique in West Monroe, LA, Herringstones in Monroe, and Rodeo Boutique in Ruston, LA. Our youth designs are at The Children's Shoppe in Monroe, LA and in Ruston, LA.

Thanks for reading-

P.S. And Happy 4 year Anniversary to us!!!

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