Saturday, May 25, 2013

Latest & Greatest from Mr P's

 If you'd told me at this time last year, that Hubs and I would have a side business and be designing clothes, I would not of believed you.
Mr P's Tees was never a life long dream of mine, but I have to tell ya, I have really enjoyed it. I can't tell ya how cool it is to be out in public and see one wearing one of my designs. I love sitting in bed at night working on drawings for our tees. Brent has always loved cool t-shirts. Those of y'all who know him, know that he prefers to wear a pair of Levi's and a comfy tee at all times and be outside in the woods.
 Those of y'all who know me, know that I am most happy in a pair of really big warm up bottoms (covered in paint) and a "wife beater". And I prefer to be barefoot when I paint.

   In August, we will of been open for one whole year! Wow!! We are def a "Mom and Pop" business.  Everything is done out of our home. Our dining room table was covered in inventory most of the year.
 We tag shirts while we watch our favorite shows (Bates Motel or Sparticus when it was still on). Friends of ours model for us and we take the pics ourselves around our home. We dont have fancy equipment, I just try and wait on the sun to start going down for some softer lighting. Our very sweet neighbor Jill volunteered her time awhile back and posed.
As well as little Miss Lilya who lives right down the street.
 Then, our pretty niece MaKenzie an her two gorgeous friends, Adrianna and Annmarie, modeled for us. They are students at West Monroe High School and completely rocked the clothes. ;)
 My Very creative friend Melanie has let her daughters model for us too.
These Two sisters (Ellie and Gabbi) have more style than I ever thought about having. And of course we are constantly taking pics of Mr P himself and Brent.
 AnD...we love getting pics from all of you of your kids and babies in our designs.

  So, I am about to "pop" any day now with our 2nd child, Miss Phoebe Jane... It will be interesting to see what designs she inspires. Thanks again for all your support. Can't wait to show ya what we have in the works for late summer/early fall.


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